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Amanzoe Villa 20 | Greece
The "flagship" of Amanzoe branded Villas... "...Architectural Elements of the Classical Greek Golden Era, like "Post and Lintel", have been very carefully used in a contemporary form. The White Formed Concrete Columns and Beams placed in a row to create a colonnade of columns (the Peristyle) and a rhythm which "aligns" the senses, as you move past it..."
Indoor Theme Park in Dubai, UAE
Design of an Indoor amusement Theme Park and Science Centre in the UAE Storytelling: Donald Scarrow Design: Donald Scarrow, Marios Angelopoulos AV Consultalt: Stefanos Konstantinides Lighting: Donald Scarrow
Amanzoe | Aman Luxury Resort in Pelepones, Greece
archiplus architects & associates worked hand in hand with Ed Tuttle and offered services in all phases of the project. Consultancy on local Building Codes during the conceptual design stage, preparation and application for all Permits and complete construction documentation.
Interactive exhibit "Athens 1842"
Design of an interactive exhibit in "The Museum of the City of Athens" Vouros-Eftaxias
National Participation of Greece at the World Expo 2008
Design of the Greek National Pavilion at the World Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain. Design includes architectural, exhibition, structural, E/M, theatrical lighting, audiovisual studies of all stages and preparation of Tender documents for 3 separate bids. Tender evaluation, contract administration and contractor coordination.
National Participation of Greece at the World Expo 2005
The theme of the Expo was "Nature's Wisdom", with national and corporate pavilions expressing themes of ecological co-existence, renewable technology, and the wonders of nature. In Japanese, this is rendered as Ai-chikyūhaku (愛・地球博), which means (roughly) "Love the Earth Expo," as well as being a play on the name of the host prefecture, 愛知 (Aichi)
Proposal for the Pavilion of Greece, Expo Shanghai 2010
The pavilion refers to the city structure elements by reproducing the basic synthetic elements of the urban fabric, while relating them to the main themes of the Expo 2010. It offers visitors a chance to experience a "slice of life" from a Greek city...
Underwater Archeology Museum | Competition
"the Ark of Time"
History Museum for the Exodus of Mesollonghi, in Greece
Museography and Exhibition design for a New History Museum of the "Exodus" of Mesolonghi and a City Museum. The Museum is suposed to be housed in an existing ex Militaly Storage Building.
History Museum for the Catastrophe of Smyrna 1922
Design Proposal for a History Museum at the main square of N. Smyrni in Athens. Museography and exhibition design The Museum is meant to be housed in the landmark-building "Galaxias"
Museum for the history of Ancient Sparta
Proposal for...
Museum for Lignitic Energy | "MELI"
Museum Exhibition Design
Temporary Exhibition 2 | "Helafi"
Temporary Exhibition of Giant Cinema Posters, at the Kino Museum, Frankfurt a.M.
Temporary Exhibition 1 | "Anthivola"
Temporary Exhibitions
Temporary Exhibitions | Various
Various Exhibitions
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